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Home Theater Customer Showroom

home theater projection with the Sanyo PLV-60HT

Rear of theater showing the Sanyo PLV-60HT projector, seating and equipment.

home theater projection with the Sanyo PLV-60HT

Front of theater showing Stewart Screen.

home theater projection with the Sanyo PLV-60HT

Screenshot during the final moments of Oakland-Jets game in HDTV.

Greg Huff
Sanyo PLV-60HT owner since December 2001

"The PLV-60HT projector's room is purpose built for a theater in the lower level of an Atrium Ranch. It has double steel studded walls where the inside wall structure does not touch the external wall structure and an overall thickness of 6 inches by using the steel studs and is packed with sound absorption insulation, as is the ceiling also offset from the floor joists. The room is approximately 18 feet by 13.5 feet with a bump out to fit a walkway to the equipment rack around the sectional that we already owned before construction. The equipment rack was placed at the rear to minimize the distance to the projector and shorten video cable length. The sectional sits on a raised floor while the equipment rack sits on a pedestal cut through the raised floor. In this way the sonic vibrations from the 12-inch subwoofer in the front corner of the room create very dynamic effects on the seating area and the equipment rack is isolated. There is no comparison to what a person "feels" in this arrangement when compared to a full-size theater and their concrete floors. Meanwhile you can easily carry on a normal conversation just outside the room while those inside hear and feel "reference level" audio. The projector is mounted on a "Chief" mount approximately 13 feet from a 100-inch Stewart Filmscreen Grayhawk on a Delux-velux frame.

Between December 2001 and May 2003 we put on approximately 1250 bulb hours and then we replaced the bulb. I would say that to maintain the original or near original picture that 1000 hours is the right number although no "outsider" would ever know the difference. The 6 possible video settings of the projector allow for a lot of compensation of different video signals that you encounter between broadcast signals and dvds. The majority of those hours are spent watching over-the-air digital TV and HDTV. It is just awesome to see a well done HDTV program on this setup. With the right receiver you can take you choice between 1080i and 720p on this projector, a valuable feature that is extremely rare on many other equipment setups. Visitors are just mesmerized and watch in awe. It is a very rare experience to be absorbed like this in a demo room of any store. The awesome picture captures you and the rest is icing on the cake.

We also have a PC connected and networked to a DSL connection and another PC in the house. The projector is great for digital photo slide shows, watching downloaded movie trailers and surfing the net."

Above: Another screenshot during the HD football broadcast by CBS in St. Louis.

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